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Millenium Management Inc. is a woman-owned and operated small business making a big difference in Loudoun, Fairfax and Prince William counties.  We opened our doors in 2004 with a vision to provide personalized services to small and mid-sized communities … from full service accounting, collection of assessments, common area maintenance to enforcement of the rules and regulations.  Our values are simple and basic … do our job to the best of our ability, efficiently, completely and responsibly with the highest level of professionalism, honesty and integrity.

MMI is based in Loudoun County and we understand many of the issues affecting your community, from building/growth concerns, local politics and impacts on property values, communities and your way of life.

Although we are a small organization committed to providing individualized service plans for each of our communities, we offer the same management software and technology solutions generally only available to larger associations or managements companies.  We use software that includes Village Management Systems (VMS) and SmartARC to name a few.  This affords our associations personalized service backed up with state of the art technology – the absolute best of both worlds!

By embracing the core values and mission of MMI, our management team is committed to creating a perception shift, one homeowner at a time.  Our goal is for everyone, in every association, to know that their HOA is a mechanism of support and a framework by which their community is protected, maintained, and enhanced.  MMI is the conduit to meeting the goals of the Association in a transparent and accessible manner.

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MMI Believes…

With the local housing market on the upswing, increasing and maintaining home values is very important to your community.  MMI’s managers work on-site weekly to ensure that the common areas and facilities are properly maintained in a proactive manner, that all vendors performing work in your community are well supervised and the covenants are being complied with.  It’s our goal to ensure that your community looks it’s best, at all times, in all seasons.

Your manager needs to be the first to know what’s going on within your community and identify issues before they become ‘problems’.   Being proactive rather than reactive is less expensive and far less frustrating to the board and members of the association.  We will identify issues, submit recommendations, options, cost-benefit analysis and then carry out the direction of the Board.

MMI believes that each and every homeowner is a possible future board member, therefore, every owner is afforded the same access and respect that is given to a board member.  Owners and residents alike make up a community and it is the community that we serve.


MMI would serve your community well because

Selecting the best management company for your community is one of the most important decisions a board of directors must make.  Your management company is an integral part of your team – your resource manager, subject matter expert, advisor and protector.

At MMI, we ask you, the Board of Directors … “what can we do for our community?”  The key word in that question is OUR.  That is our attitude.   We serve your community as if it were “our community” as well.

When an MMI manager is assigned to your community they become invested in that community and all its residents.  We get to know you, and the owners and residents will know us.  We are a constant presence.  We build relationships, take pride in not only the appearance and maintenance of the community, but the quality of life for those calling it home.

Every HOA management company offers and provides the same services … accounting, collections, reserve monitoring, common area maintenance, contract management, covenant and architectural coordination and enforcement, etc.  MMI does the same, but with a level of efficiency, proficiency and care not typical in this industry.  We are not a corporately run organization that offers you only our way of doing business.   Your community is unique, and our services are boutique!

A Personal Approach to Community Management

MMI is uniquely experienced to provide management services to all types of community associations -condominiums, town homes, and single family homes – from very small to mid-size (1,000 units or less).


We are here to help you!