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2301, 2019

Recycling Resolution

Happy New Year! Do you have any resolutions this year? Will you get that gym membership? Will you commit to reading more books or learn a new language? Consider adding a few green resolutions to your list...learn more about recycling to make sure that recyclables stay out of the garbage. [...]

1601, 2019

It’s Snowing … And It’s Going To Snow Again!

IT’S SNOWING … AND IT’S GOING TO SNOW AGAIN! Why does it always come as a surprise – doesn’t it happen every winter … well, almost?  And unless you just moved into town, don’t you know by now that it is not a national emergency?  Unless you have no access [...]

2012, 2018

Are You New To HOA Living?

ARE YOU NEW TO HOA COMMUNITY LIVING? Moving into a Homeowners Association (HOA) for the first time can be very confusing.  What is the purpose of an HOA?  Who does what?  How does the HOA impact me?  These are questions that all new owners ask … and many times even [...]

1212, 2018

Condo Living

Ins and Out of Insuring Your Condominium Your mortgage probably requires that you insure your condominium with a policy completely separate from the Master Policy held by the Association.  Because you do not own the outside of your building, or the land upon which it is built, your condo policy [...]

2911, 2018

“Tis The Season (For Package Thieves)

‘Tis The Season (For Package Thieves) Last year Forbes reported that 82% of all holiday shoppers would buy gifts online.  Additionally, CNBC reported that 75% of online consumers would purchase from Amazon.  There’s no doubt -- between Cyber Monday sales and the convenience of completing your shopping during your lunch [...]